F-Zero launches on Wii U Virtual Console
F-Zero Wii U
F-Zero launches on Wii U Virtual Console

Last month saw the launch of Wii U’s Virtual Console ‘Preview’. The full Virtual Console service launches later this year, but until then Nintendo are treating us with one game each month at a ridiculously low price (depending where you are, either $0.30, €0.30, or £0.30).

Today Nintendo released F-Zero, the original SNES high-speed futuristic racer. I loved F-Zero the first time around, but this time Nintendo have given us European gamers a bonus, they’ve decided to release the US version here for the first time. You may remember, most European SNES games ran much slower than the US/Japanense versions (50Hz vs 60Hz), the speed difference was more noticeable on some games than others, but it was particularly noticeable on racing games like F-Zero. So now, we here in Europe have the superior version of F-Zero that we should of had back in 1991.

I think what I love most about Virtual Console on Wii U is being able to play on the Game Pad rather than a TV screen. Let’s face it, 8-BIT and 16-BIT games looked alright in that era when we all thought 20″ TVs were huge. But with todays 1080p HD 60″ LED backlit monster TVs many of those games look, erm… awful. But they actually look pretty damn good on the Wii U Game Pad :)

If you have a Wii U and have not yet downloaded F-Zero for $0.30/€0.30/£0.30, then what are you waiting for?

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