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FlickTheFish is now free for a limited time and is one of those games that you may not normally of went for but once you’ve played it you’ll be diving in for more! This relatively new game can easily become a family favourite, with it’s ease of use great for kids, and it’s need to better yourself each time is great for adults…

FlickTheFish GameThe game has a tutorial the very first time you hit that play and it goes through how to play the game, which couldn’t be simpler. From then on there are no other tutorials or notes when the game gets harder, as it just progress’ gradually in difficulty. There are three different types of fish and in the top right hand corner of the screen is the sequence in which you need to capture/flick the next four fishies. The fish will range in size and speed making it more challenging as you get going in this fish fiasco.

Features within the game as described in App store:

  • Fast-Addictive Gameplay – 60 seconds to flick as many fish as you can!
  • Power-Ups – Catch more fish and get Magical Power-Ups as bonus’!
  • Level Up – Gain XP and increase your Flick the Fish ranking!
  • HD Graphics – Enjoy gorgeous graphics on retina display and iPhone 5!
  • Easy to Start, Hard to Master – Never played Flick the Fish? No problem! It is easy to learn. But you have to master your skill for high scores!
  • Amazing Updates With New Features – Regular updates for exciting and challenging features.

Overall the game is a fun little app to play and the need to out do yourself each time is very present. I would recommend getting this game whilst it’s free as I’m not sure it would be worth purchasing. But as a free app, you couldn’t really ask for anything more. You can enjoy this little game by following the link – Flick The Fish. Let me know what you think of this game in the comments below, is there anything you would like to see done differently or added?

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