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Cast your mind back to the 16th January 2013, I wrote a review for one cool little app. Fridge Words for iOS, since it’s release on the 10th January 13 it’s gone from strength to strength fending off competition to make it the number one in Fridge Words Newjust over a week in the Free Word Games on iPad in the UK and another 16 countries on top of that! It was also ranked in the top 5 iPhone games in 20 countries including the UK.

The app has now become available for Android users all across the board to enjoy this magnetizing game. With the launch of this game to Android the guys over at Thumbstar Games have teamed up with classic appliance manufacturer, Smeg. Most well know for their cool, funky fridges. With this monumental team up the game has also had a cosmetic update over on the iOS, with the fridge ‘playboard’ being turned into a Smeg FAB20 50’s retro fridge.

Martin Edmondson, Chief Creative Officer at Thumbstar Games said – “We are really pleased with how well Fridge Words has been received by mobile gamers across the world, but we are determined to continually update it and create the most alluring and fun experience possible. Smeg are a perfect match in that respect, with very similar brand values on offer when it comes to designing products.” As well as John Davies, Brand Manager for Smeg UK commenting – “Working with Thumbstar Games on Fridge Words is an exciting venture for us. It’s fantastic to see our appliances being used in an entirely new and creative way, on a game which has such universal appeal and charm.”

I think we can all agree that the partnership between Thumbstar Games and Smeg will be a team that will freeze the competition dead in it’s tracks. You can download this great game, for free on Android now here, and if you missed it the first time for iOS by clicking the following link – Fridge Words.

Have you been playing Fridge Words on iOS, if so what’s your thoughts of it? And to the new Android players, what are your thoughts on this game? Le me know in the comments below.

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