The news this week from Germany is Berlin based startup 6Wunderkinder get ready to release Wunderlist 2 for iPad and iPad mini. Not only that but there latest release of Wunderlist has reached more then half a million registered users in just eight weeks. A great step for this free productive application.

The native iPad and iPad mini release of Wunderlist 2 has been one of the most asked for features from day one. The app allows for users to not only create to-do lists but also handle project management and much more in one, simple to use and beauitful app. Wunderlist 2 has been built with speed in mind and this translate into the updates that 6Wunderkinder want to put out. Users can expect more functionality, further improvements in the stability, speed and overall performance, as well as even more features to arrive in the coming months.

“Since the launch of Wunderlist 2 in December we have seen more than half a million sign-ups, boosting our overall registered users to more than 3.5 million. Furthermore, during the last eight weeks alone our users have created more than 3.4 million lists and 20 million tasks. We are now truly excited to see these numbers grow even further thanks to the arrival and continued development of Wunderlist 2 on one of our most popular platforms, iPad.” said Christian Reber, Founder and CEO.

Wunderlist 2 is now fully optimized for use on all iPads and the iPad mini. No matter what genetation of iPad Wunderlist 2 comes packed with new features across the board including:

Activity Center — The Activity Center provides you with a complete overview of all your Wunderlist activity within the app itself. It is easy to see who has sent you an invite, who has accepted an invite and who has made any edits to a lists etc.

Notifications — In addition to the Activity Center you can further customize the way you want to be kept informed. Depending on your preference you can also receive updates via push or email notifications.


Sharing — Thanks to the integration of your iPad’s Address Book and Facebook account all your contacts are just a couple of clicks away.

Reminder, Recurring tasks and Subtasks — The Detail View includes Reminders, Recurring tasks and Subtasks, as well as Notes. Even more features will be added here in the near future.

Wunderlist 2 for iPad and iPad mini is available now. For more information on the free Wunderlist iPad app visit www.6wunderkinder.com/wunderlist or head to the App Store.

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