Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival

What better way is there to spend your evenings than sitting in a dark room playing Slender and literally sh*tting yourself? There isn’t clearly! Well for those of you who are mental enough to be a fan of the Slender games you’ll be excited to hear that those of you who pre-order Slender: The Arrival will get a beta version of the game so you can mess your pants before everyone else!

The beta also contains a “revamped update” of the original Slender: The Eight Pages so expect an extra bang for your buck there! If you’re keen to get the game pre-ordered they’re are 5 fancy options for you to choose from available on their site:

  • £3.28 for a 50% off pre-order & downloadable version of the game when it’s released (and the beta too).
  • £6.56 for the same as the previous, but you’ll be paying full retail price.
  • £9.84 for a Sound Track Edition that contains all of the above but you’ll also get the soundtrack too.
  • £16.40 for a Special Edition that contains all of the above plus 5 downloadable hi-res paintings from the game
  • £39.36 for a Producers Edition, this pack contains all of the above plus a special ‘thank you’ in the games credits along side the developers

The game is scheduled for release on March 26 for PC and a little while after for Mac so not too long to wait!

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