Google Play Music

Google Play MusicIt’s been reported that Google have been talking with record labels with plans to launch it’s own Spotify-like music subscription service. An important move for Google if they want to differentiate themselves from the likes of iTunes and Amazon.

Google recently launched Google Play Music in the UK along with it’s dedicated music app, this was a big step for Google as it put them up amongs iTunes and Amazon in terms of selling mp3’s and albums to consumers. Along with the launch of the service I mentioned the app, this was also a HUGE deal to me because it enabled me to upload my entire music collection to Googles Music service freeing up much needed space on my computer.

Reports indicate that it won’t be happening any time soon, but it’s going to happen nonetheless.

Though information on the service is sparse, what we do know is that this will be a paid-for subscription service. More is bound to come to light in a few months time so watch this space!

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