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I would first like to point out I mean ‘flipping’ only in the acrobatic sense and in no other way shape or form.

Now that that’s cleared up let’s get started with the app review. Gravity Flip is a game from and is developed by Plus Pingya. You play the role of a recently fired  programmer who upon being fired comes almost insane, talking to himself and ending up in what seems to be an alternate universe where gravity is very changeable. The game features 80 Gravity Flip (iOS) - 02levels which as you would expect get harder and harder as you progress, levels at first will feature spikes, causing instant death upon touching them and eventually levels will include gun towers, circular saw blades as well as portals that will transport you all across the map.

The controls are very simple, four small buttons in the bottom left corner for movement and one button to flip gravity on the right side. When flipping gravity sometimes movement is key as well, this can cause a problem from time to time if you have large thumbs like myself, you may not be ‘pressing’ the right button causing you to more times than not to go hurtling into some spikes. You don’t have to be off by much for this to happen but it’s really the only problem I’ve came across so far. Each level features 3 stars that eventually you will need to collect to progress through to the next level of gravitational madness.

Gravity Flip (iOS) - 04Gravity Flip is a great casual game and is fantastic way to pass time in any situation. Levels are short enough to be fun, but feature complexities to make it interesting. Once you start flipping you’ll not want to stop. This little gem is available on iOS – Gravity Flip (iOS) as well as on Mac’s – Gravity Flip (Mac OS) by following the links.

If you’ve downloaded this game tell me what you think of it, do you agree with my controller size issue or was it not a problem for you?  Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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