If you’re a long time fan of the Hitman series or if you’ve only played Absolution or even if you haven’t played any of the series at all; this package is what people ordered. What do you get in this pack? Well you get Hitman 2 Silent Assassin, Hitman Contracts and Hitman Blood Money and yes before you say it, Blood Money was HD originally because it was released on the Xbox 360.

hitman blood money

Lets start with the presentation of these games. The HD coat of paint does not flatter some of the Hitman games especially Silent Assassin but you have to bare in mind that Hitman 2 is over a decade old; so the game does not age well visually but that does not stop it from being a good game. Blood money is the best looking title on the HD collection that’s because it’s the newest of the three.

The gameplay is very stiff and awkward because when you get caught and into trouble you have to strafe from corners in order to shoot you enemies because the Hitman series did not have a cover mechanic. Unlike Absolution the levels are these huge sandbox-like levels with multiple ways of entry and exiting, this gives you more freedom of how you are going to approach your target. For example you may find a secret door that leads you to a basement into a house or warehouse and you can slip in undetected and take your target in your own sadistic and creative way.


Like all the Hitman games you’ll need to be undercover in order to get close to your target and you can pick anything from a waiter to a guard but you have to be careful when you kill someone and take their clothes because other NPC’s in the level will discover the body unless you conceal it in a place where no one goes. The only problem with the disguise system in these games (especially Silent Assassin) is that you can be walking a long dress as another guard and they will open fire on you for no reason and you will never figure out why they shoot, and this gets very annoying when you play it on a higher difficulty.

Unlike Absolution, in these games you only get a certain amount of saves and you get less saves on the higher difficulties (Normal 7, Expert 2 or 3 on Blood Money, and Professional none which is hard as hell). This adds to the challenge because it makes you use your saves wisely for example when you have killed your target you could save after that or if you got near the target and you can figure out different routes to get to him or her.

Overall this a good blast from the past and I would recommend buying it it’s a bargain with three hits with over 40 levels, and it’s a great introduction to the games, especially if you’re planning on buying Hitman: Absolution.

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