evasi0nJailbreaking the iPhone became the ‘done thing’ a few years ago for the 3G and 3GS, but since the release of iOS4 and the iPhone 4 it wasn’t really appealing to as many people because Apple actually made their OS fairly well so people had no need to Jailbreak their phones.

Recently though with the release of iOS6 and the terrible Apple Maps application people have had enough and people were again looking for a way to jailbreak their iPhone 5 but sadly there wasn’t any option until the evasi0n jailbreak tool was released on the 4th. Since that date, the Cydia app store for jailbroken phones has been installed almost 4 million times.


The demand was so high that the Cydia store started to have issues, causing the creator to send out a statement over Twitter saying that they’ve been working for 19 hours straight to fix the issues.

It’s been said that most peoples reason for Jailbreaking iOS6 is because of the release of the Google Maps app, and the ability for jailbroken phones to set the app as the “default” application for maps.

From my past experience with the iPhone jailbreaking also gives the user complete freedom from Apple’s restrictions. I remember that I was able to pick new text notifications escaping the generic Apple tones, change carrier logo, and other things to make my iPhone more customised and better looking.

Did you jailbreak your iPhone 5? If so how did it go and are you coming accross any issues? Leave a comment below!

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