iMadeFace Available for iOS, Coming to Android Soon!

iMadeFace Available for iOS, Coming to Android Soon! - n3rdabl3

Those of you who enjoy the little pleasures of Instagram may have seen some very odd looking faces show up on your feed. Those faces are the work of Keyloft LLC with their new app iMadeFace, and have become rather popular across the world and especially with celebrities. Whether it’s a passing fad, only time will tell. But what we can say is that it’s highly addictive! The simplicity and bright colours can really brighten up your iPhone…

iMadeFace Available for iOS, Coming to Android Soon! - n3rdabl3

According to the iMadeFace Facebook page the app has become number 1 in; United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Honk Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Brunei, Singapore and many more! So when I said it was popular, I wasn’t joking. The main purpose for this arty little app is to make Caller ID’s for your contacts, best of all you have full control over each persons look. Alternatively, you could share your creations with friends to attach to your ID on their phone.

iMadeFace Available for iOS, Coming to Android Soon! - n3rdabl3

Creation is slick and simple with the use of one finger you can create some miniature masterpieces, you could make self portraits or even create some of your own people, or even make a celebrities face. The possibilities are rather vast. iMadeFace was released for iOS 31st January 2013 and is set to take Android users by storm soon too. You can also expect to see a HD version for iPad aswell as a version for Kindle. Judging by it’s success, I would hazard a guess to say that the Android, Kindle and HD versions will be along very soon. [UPDATE]: We have received confirmation from Keyloft in regards to an Android version and they’ve informed us that an Android version is “now under progress.” So expect that to come to the Play Store pretty soon!

You can get your very own copy of this fantastic little app on iOS by following the link – iMadeFace

iMadeFace Available for iOS, Coming to Android Soon! - n3rdabl3

Within this post I’ve added some pictures of 2 well know characters and 2 famous faces that I created using this App, Can you name them all? Put your answers in the comments below and any other thoughts you have on iMadeFace.


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  • Mike da Silva

    When will it come out for the Android ??

    • azzronulation

      We’re not sure, all we were told was that it’s “under progress”. As soon as we know, we’ll be sure to let you know!

  • DoubleTap

    Harry Potter, Jim Carey, Skrillex and Bruce Lee

    • littlemisssmartass

      Technically since it’s two characters it’s Harry Potter, Ace Ventura, Skrillex, and Bruce Lee

  • orgio


  • Robot

    I can’t wait! Hopefully they release it soon, but since i just got my first smartphone I have no idea how long it takes companies to get an app up and running.

  • _earlymauvs

    we’ve been waiting for months. this sucks :(

  • Earl Mauverick

    It is already available on Play Store, the downside is it’s not compatible with most of the devices. Sucks! :(