Smartphone Disasters

There are more smartphone users now than ever before, but forking out lots of money on a handset doesn’t mean your mobile phone will be indestructible.

Forgetting those inevitable knocks and scrapes, what’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to your mobile phone? The Phones 4u team asked this very question to its Facebook fans and the results from its poll revealed some pretty horrific handset tales.

Perhaps the most surprising revelation was that respondents also voted the Nokia 3310 as the most durable device they’ve ever owned, much to the shame of the high-end devices on the market today, failing to cope with even a minor knock to the head.

But, Sony looks to have found the answer, to put a stop to these disaster stories, and produced a handset that’s both durable and sleek in its design, waterproof and dustproof –  the Xperia Z.

The Xperia Z has been built to cope with any eventuality, should your handset fall out your hand, bag or pocket. To celebrate its launch the team at Phones 4u has delved even deeper in to the startling smartphone disaster stories to bring you this mind boggling infographic above.

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