Injustice: Gods Among Us
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Comics are creatures of habit. Characters are sealed up in tight plot armour and the world around stays as close to reality as possible, not cities getting wiped or main characters getting wiped out or characters getting pregnant.

Well the Injustice comic, (which ties in with the upcoming game) doesn’t do this once. I takes these three cornerstones of the superhero comic staple and smashes them down in one Mortal Kombat style like fatality.

So this is the part where I going to saaay…..SPOOOILERS AVAST ! and scroll down for the next four paragraphs to avoid it.


The issue begins a shot of the Dystopian present day taking right out the superhero comfort zone. Were then whisked back to 5 years ago to find a delighted Clark Kent basking in the fact the Lois Lane is pregnant with his super child. Of course this excitement doesn’t last as Lois has to rush into the night to catch a corrupt councillor in the act only to find the Joker’s sprung and trap and poor Jimmy Olsen pays the price.

Joker takes Lois and operates on her to create a trigger for his stolen war heads. Her heart stops beating and the city of Metropolis stops existing with it.

Meanwhile Batman and the Justice League discovers Scarecrows feat toxin has been modified with Kryptonite to affect Superman. Superman catches up with Joker and assumes he’s battling Doomsday and takes him into the Earths atmosphere. Only for the League to piece together the tragic truth.

I hope you’ve worked out where the storyline is going.


So overall I liked the story it’s fresh and brave. It certainly tops a lot of first issues that I’ve read over the past two years since the industry has gone through a lot of rebooting.

The comic is great for those who maybe are looking to get into comics but don’t the tired conventions the superhero genre possies. It doesn’t draw on tons of previous continuity and really does aggressively mix it up.

Like a lot of first issues it’s a little fast and takes a typical narrative point which would usually take a few pages and drag it out to a full issue, which sadly seems to becoming a standard for the industry.

The artwork perhaps doesn’t do the graphics and character designs the games displayed an injustice (punned !). It’s fairly cartoon like but easy to follow.

So to conclude definitely pick this up. It’s something to do before the game comes out!


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