Very Little Monsters

codelogoCODE or Creative Output Development are a relatively new game development duo on the scene, made up of Jarek and Daniel; two childhood friends who realised their potential to become one of the top dogs in the game development scene.

Both Jarek and Dan have a vast background of engineering and programming, and through sheer determination they both came together to create CODE software and began work on their first game for Android – Very Little Monsters.

Founded in January 2012 as a mobile game development studio CODE Software are now concentrating on producing quality games for world markets. “Our objective is to become a leading downloadable mobile game developer and publisher.” says Daniel. The Polish duo have everything it takes to become one of the top mobile developers amongst the likes of Roxio and Gameloft.

Very Little MonstersVery Little Monsters is going to be a logic based game involving little blue ball-like monsters jumping and attacking other monsters in an attempt to get their crystals back! Very little has been released about the game, but as soon as we know more, we’ll be sure to write about it!

I think CODE Software have a very promising future in the mobile gaming market, they have the passion and the skills to do what it takes to get ahead.

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