The buzz about Draw Something went as quickly as it came, though it remains one of the most popular mobile drawing games it’s about time it stepped off it’s throne for a new game available on both Android and iOS..

Jambo is a brand new game from Thumbstar games that adds a new spin on the drawing guessing game. It caters to both types of players with one part of the game specifically for people that enjoy guessing the drawings – these are called Jambo’s, and another part of the game for people who enjoy drawing Jambo’s for others to guess.


The best part of the drawing mode is that you’re free to draw whatever you wish, all you need to do is select the general category of Places, Entertainment, or Society, and from here you can select a sub category that’s a little more detailed. From here you can begin to draw. Unlike Draw Something you can take as much time as you like over your Jambo. You also get the option to create up to four cards that’ll help the player that’s guessing. Once you’ve completed your drawing you can then submit it for guessing.

For players that prefer to guess other peoples Jambo’s you can either select to guess between everything, or a specific category (listed above). Because the content creation is essentially up to the drawer there’s every opportunity for the odd penis picture, but Thumbstar have thought of that, and if you’re trying to guess a movie and some funny bugger draws a penis, you can tap the “report” button and have the image sent for review and hopefully removed.


From here you win points based on how quickly you guess the image, the more you solve consecutively the more your score multiplier increases, if you fail though, it ruins your multiplier score. The faster you guess your Jambo, you’ll also receive some time bonus points. For every Jambo solved it’ll also increase your hints bar which becomes very useful if you can’t guess what’s been drawn. If you’re completely stuck you can tap the Give Up button, but as a penalty you loose your multiplier and score 0! To make it worse, the answer is kept under wraps too so you’ll never know the solution, but there’s good news, you can share the Jambo online to request help from your friends on over 12 social networks and social bookmarking sites.

The free version of the game on iOS and Android gives you 100 “Jambo’s” or you can purchase the full collection of Jambo’s for £1.49 either within the free app, or download the full version from the store.

Jambo Free on Google Play.
Jambo Free on iTunes App Store.

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Great review Aaron, I always liked drawing games but felt tired of Draw Something, this one seems a more relaxed experience.