Killzone Tell Rockstar Games to “come at me bro”.

Killzone Tell Rockstar Games to “come at me bro”. - n3rdabl3Wednesday saw the day that a bunch of details for Killzone: Mercenary for the PS Vita the second hand held title in the Killzone series were released. Along with details such as Killzone: Mercenary being powered by the Killzone 3 engine, having 9 single player missions each at around an hour long in length, and a full multiplayer mode with 6 maps supporting eight player and three different game types, including Warzone they also set a release date of September 17th. This news came before yesterdays announcement that GTA V will also be released on September 17th, so @KillzoneDotCom on twitter sent the following tweet to Rockstar;

@RockstarGames come at me bro”

There’s no reply yet from Rockstar Games, but as soon as September rolls around we’ll soon know who will come out on top!