This week seems to be the week for announcements with Bungie revealing all about Destiny and Sony (hopefully) revealing all about the PlayStation 4 and now Team Meat should be revealing all about Mew-Genics.

Edmund wrote on the Team Meat blog that this week shall be the week that they unveil their new cat based sim, Mew-Genics, along with that announcement he also said that the game will include cat fights – lots of them.

But in an interesting turn of events, he also revealed that the cat’s that we’ve seen in the promotional images are a lie. They wont be the way the cats in the game will look. The reason for this? Who knows! We’ll find out next week.

Either way, I’m pretty excited for this because it’s going to be a pretty awesome game considering they’ve put their new Super Meat Boy game on hold for this project.

If the weekly blog posts are anything to go by, we should expect the reveal to be around the weekend!

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