The Last of Us

The Last of Us

Screenshots and Artwork for The Last of Us, Sony’s most anticipated game this year, have been released and they’re even more terrifying than the game description made it out to be!

The Last of Us is a survival horror based around two main characters Joel and Ellie and their attempt to escape the harsh regime that the US Military have put them under. This is due to a widespread infection that has caused everyone to evacuate to several different “quarantined zones”. Due to the way things are being ran, Joel has had enough and is asked by a close friend to take Ellie with him when he leaves.

The infection mentioned above is some sort of mysterious fungal infection (ring worm?) that takes over humans when bitten or touched.. We’re unsure at the moment. We might as well just say it now, they’re Zombies. No matter how much you want to sugar coat the situation with an “infection” they’re still zombies..

Those of you who are keen to play this game can grab a copy of the demo with God of War: Ascension! Anywho, check out some awesome screens and artwork below!

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