Being the owner of a not so gaming optimised PC, I often look at PC games like Far Cry 3, and Black Ops 2 as if they’re far, far in the distance knowing that my little old PC couldn’t run them even with all of the settings on low. I’m often checking http://canirunit.com to see what games I can play before committing to, and handing over my card details to buy them but that might be all over thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a handy program from NVIDIA that helps optimise video game settings for a variety of PC set ups. No matter what your system, it’ll go through your list of games and tweak the graphics settings so you get a much smoother and better gaming experience. You don’t have to have an NVIDIA GPU either so that’s super handy!

I’ve just downloaded the NVIDIA GeForce Experience and here’s what’s happened so far;

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

First it checked my GPU driver version and updated accordingly. I had an update and all I had to click was two buttons and it began downloading and installing the driver. For those of you who don’t check your GPU driver often, this is a handy piece of kit just for that. It took around 10 minutes to complete and my computer screen flickered on and off and stretched a little, but once it was complete everything went back to normal – this is to be expected.

Next I chose to scan my computer for a list of games and a nice bit of info popped up whilst doing so; “GeForce Experience optimises your games by downloading personalised graphics settings from the NVIDIA Cloud.” – Fancy. This process took just as long as the update. Once completed it gave me a list of three games (out of the possible 10 I have installed) and out of those three only one had the ability to be optimised.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

I chose to optimise the one game, even though it warned that my computer might not be able to run the game with the optimised settings.. a little strange considering the program is supposed to optimise the game to my computers specs..

Overall the NVIDIA GeForce Experience has every potential to be a great utility to optimise computers of all types. At the moment it’s barely out of the closed beta that NVIDIA had going for about a month so the library of computer settings are pretty scarce, especially for lower end computers like mine with slightly older components, but I think if you had some of the currently supported games it’ll work better for you. So far there’s just under 50 supported games, but they are some of the latest titles like Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, DmC: Devil may Cry, and Hitman Absolution.

Give it a try by downloading the beta here, and then let us know how you got on in the comments below.

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