ObscureOBSCURE has taken a leaf right out of the teen horror genre in this brand new fast paced, action packed, 2.5D side-scrolling zombie brawler coming real soon to Xbox Live Arcade, PC, and the PlayStation Network.


Check out the video above for a taste of what the game has to offer. Personally it looks like it’s played best via the co-op mode (either local or online) but there is the option of playing alone (aww). You play as one of four characters, each of them students (much like in a teen horror flick) and each character has their own unique skill and abilities that develop as you progress through the game.

Much like any other brawler, but best sort of score comes from epic combo’s of punches, kicks, throws, and all out brutality of the attacks. Obscure certainly isn’t short of that. Follow-up attacks and combo’s are richly rewarded.

The game is also packed full of monsters and demons wanting to pull you appart as well as a variety of weapons preventing just that. Levels are insanely huge too, and the best thing, the game play goes however you want it to go because unlike many platform games, this one is as non-linear as you can get! What’s even better is the ability to visit older levels once your character has leveled up and upgraded, making previous levels a breeze.

ObscureVideo game veterans will certainly recognize the license, Obscure; the survival-horror game from Hydravision that terrorized over a million players in the middle of the last decade. Comprised of some of the original developers, Mighty Rocket Studio has been hard at work on this project for over a year.

Don’t go thinking that this game is going to be a doddle, because it’s not! Like you’d expect from a survival horror game there’s sparse ammunition, limited supplies of health kits, and the oppressive feeling of constant danger in a universe where gruesome creatures may suddenly appear out of nowhere!

This game looks awesome, and will be available soon (scheduled for Spring 2013) on Xbox Live Arcade, PC, and the PlayStaton Network

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