OUYAThe million dollar funded Android based console the OUYA is almost ready to ship to those who helped back the Kickstarter July last year but the news is also good for those of us who didn’t, because the OUYA console should be coming to Amazon(.com), Gamestop, Target & Bestbuy for $99.99 along with additional controllers being sold for $49.99.

Pre-orders for the tiny Android based free-to-play focused console will be opening up on Tuesday (unsure whether that means today, or next week??) so get your pre-orders in before they start shipping them in April. Those of you who helped back the console on the Kickstarter should get your consoles next month!

I believe the news of pre-orders and the Amazon launch is only relevant to readers from the US, but have no fear, we should be getting the console in the UK at around the same time, we’re unsure right now where the console will be stocked, hopefully we’ll get an Amazon exclusive too. The bad news for us Brits is that it’ll cost us £99 instead of the $99 (about £65) that it’s for sale in the US. Those of you who would rather go through the hassle of pre-ordering it at the us price be warned, though you’ll be getting the console at a much cheaper £75 including shipping, you’ve got to remember that we as a nation like to whack tax on everything so those of you getting your consoles from the US will have to whack a lovely 20% on top of that (about £15).

If the pricing for the console in the UK is the same as the US, we’re probably going to have to fork out £49 for an extra controller too..

Will you be getting the OUYA this year? I’m definitely considering it depending on the price of the controllers.

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