Worms for Facebook

Since the late 90’s there has always been a game that’s stuck in my mind for years and that’s the hilarious turned based war game Worms.

Worms on FacebookWorms is fairly simple in it’s execution, you’ve got a team of four or more worms that each take in turns to blow up, shoot, and punch the worms on the other team. What makes this game incredibly fun is the hilarious sayings the worms are famous for, as well as the ability to use the play area to your advantage.

Along with the huge amount of weapons such as the Bazooka, Banana Bomb, Super Sheep, Minigun, Kamikaze, and the hilarious Holy Hand Grenade, you’ve also got the option to use equipment such as a Pneumatic Drill, a Blow Torch, and the ability to place Girders on the map to protect your little worms from harm.

Worms on FacebookGreat news is that Worms is now available on Facebook – for FREE.

Worms for Facebook has been in closed beta for a while now, but a few days ago it was opened up to the public so everyone can enjoy the Worm Warfare for themselves.

If you haven’t played Worms yet, now is the perfect chance!

Worms on Facebook

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