Runescape classic servers now live!

Today is the day we’ve finally been waiting for, the classic Runescape servers, allowing members of the game to play on servers dedicated to hosting an old school version of Runescape, that was available back in 2007, have arrived!Runescape classic servers now live! - n3rdabl3Member who pay a subscription to the game, and have voted in favour of the classic servers now have access to enter 1 of 18 on offer, are able to go back to the past, where life in Runescape was so much simpler.

The game has had some major upgrades in recent months, especially with regards to the combat system. It seems that all those features have been outdone by their older, less advanced yet so well loved parents. Duel wielding, new animations, new abilities and new gear clearly isn’t enough to keep those dedicated to their youth from re-entering the ancient world that is Runescape 2007.

Even though the servers are now live, the vote has yet to close. For those of you members who haven’t voted yet, I implore you to do so, if 750,000 votes can be amassed by the closing date of March 1st, the servers will be available to those who play for free. Now there’s nothing better than packed servers!

Play Runescape here, and cast your vote here!


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