Runescape to Add Classic Servers – Vote Now!

Runescape has had some serious changes recently, especially with regards to the combat system. It seems that although these are popular, there has always been a constant demand for the old school Runescape that many, including myself, came to love. Luckily for us, these servers will definitely make their way into the game.

Finally! My wishes have been heard, and Jagex, the development company responsible for the creation of one of the worlds most successful massively multiplayer online games, Runescape, have answered! We, the humble players, have the ability to vote for dedicated servers to be implemented into the game in order to specifically bring back the old Runescape that we knew and loved back in 2007.

Runescape to Add Classic Servers – Vote Now! - n3rdabl3

Jagex set up the poll just over a week ago, and demanded a minimum of 50,000 votes for the servers to take place. As of today (February 22nd), there have been a total of around 265,000 votes.

Now, the voting system also comes with some added benefits. Depending on the amount of final votes, subscribers will be able to influence the amount of attention that is given to these servers by Jagex. Currently, as the votes stand, there will be a subscription increase of around $5 for the servers to function, with a small team to be set up to provide maintenance.

Runescape to Add Classic Servers – Vote Now! - n3rdabl3

If the votes are able to total over 500,000, then there will be no subscription fee, and a much larger team will be established to help fix bugs and prevent cheaters from using bots. If the amount of votes is able to reach 750,000, then these servers will be available to free players too.

If you were a fan of the old Runescape, and are a paying subscriber, then cast your vote here! Voting ends at midnight (GMT) on March 1st.

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