Samsung Galaxy S IV

Venture Beat reported a few days ago that Samsung are planning a big announcement that could manifest themselves on March 14 and sources are pointing towards the reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Unlike a lot of smartphone releases, Samsung seem to have kept the details on the Samsung Galaxy S IV tightly under wraps and with the Mobile World Congress literally around the corner the timing seems pretty apt for an announcement around that time.

mobilefunleakThere has been a ‘leak’ of a case for the next Galaxy device, that seems to have gone back to the rectangular roots of the Galaxy S II and according to MobileFun it should come with a fancy 5-inch display that actually matches up with the rumors.


There has also been an aledged picture of the front of the device (right) that doesn’t have a home button – perhaps trying to get closer to the Google Nexus handsets? But you’ll also notice that compared to the cases (left) the dimensions and shape don’t add up. But it’s not unusual for phone case companies to try and get cases made before the release of the phone based on speculation and rumoured specifications.

We’ll know more in due time, but until then anything we hear, we’ll report it!

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