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Destructiod reported the other day that Valve is being sued by The Federation of German Consumer Organizations over Steam’s terms of service stating it’s refusal to let users re-sell their games. The article then got me thinking.. Should we be able to sell games we’ve completed, even if it’s for a heavily discounted price?

Lets look at games like Portal and Half-Life, games that are mainly single player (without any mods). Once we’ve completed them, we either uninstall the game, or leave it to sink deeper into out library of games and never touch it again. Wouldn’t it be nice to perhaps put it onto a “Steam Pre-owned” market place? Or have the option to sell it to friends? Or even request a “sell back” where you sell it back to steam for maybe 30% of the price you paid for it?

When we buy physical copies of games from a store, we can do what we please with them, we can lend or give them to friends, sell them on ebay, take them to a second hand store or use the discs as really fancy coasters. We don’t even think about this when we spend £20 on a game from Steam. I’ve never thought about it.. have you?

It could work, and at the end of the day, if Valve implemented the “sell back” example I mentioned above, they’d profit even more if you wanted to play the game again a few years down the line because you’d have to re-purchase games. It could work, it really could. The refunds could even be in “Steam Credits” so you had to use the money you received back on other Steam titles.

Hey Valve, if you’re reading this I’ve got big ideas, drop me an email & we can discuss it further ;)

What are your thoughts on Steam games being forever “bound” to your account? Let us know in the comments below!

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