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Being the first to release the next generation console is something reminiscent to the 1950s-70s space race between the USSR and the USA. This year it seems like both Sony and Microsoft are fighting to get their console out to the world before anyone else – so far it looks like Sony is going to win.

Fully based on speculation, we believe the PlayStation 4 could be revealed on February 20.

Sony took to Twitter yesterday with the tweet “See the future: #playstation2013” the URL points to a PlayStation Meeting 2013 website complete with a date; Feb. 20 and a time; 6p.m. EST (About 11p.m. GMT). Along with the date and time there was a rather confusing and vague video (above) complete with breathy music, electronic crackles, unique and edgy angles of the four PlayStation symbols, and a possible glimpse at the next generation console, or just a weird angle of the Square symbol.

Whether or not this is the launch date for the next PlayStation, it’s still pretty exciting!

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