PlayStation Event

PlayStation Event

With Sony’s big event only days away, they’ve been paying tribute to past PlayStation consoles on the meeting site where the first announcement of the event was made. On the 16th Sony began with a video looking at the PlayStation evolution, highlighting the PlayStation and the birth of the Sony Computer Entertainment enterprise. The video is full of nostalgic images of early 90’s adverts and a few clips of the E3 expo. Did we really dress like that in the 90’s?? The video goes on to highlight the Dual Shock controller the first version of this controller type.

Yesterday Sony then launched the PlayStation 2 video, this highlighted the PS2’s overnight success and world domination becoming the best selling console of all time. For those of you who don’t know, the PlayStation 2 actually stopped being manufactured only a few months ago! The video also highlighted a few peripherals for the device like the Network Adapter and the eyeToy (probably the first motion controlled camera peripheral).

Finally today we saw the launch of the PlayStation 3 video (above) highlighting the PS3 and it’s launch at E3 in 2005. The PlayStation 3 was the first of its kind to have a BluRay drive, giving games more room per disk than that of it’s competitors. The PlayStation 3 also introduced the Play Station Network that’s expanded into something pretty big! The PlayStation 3 also had the PlayStation Move, a direct motion controlled competitor to the Wii console.

So what’s coming next? Perhaps a PSP/Vita video or will that be it until the big launch event on Thursday Wednesday? Stay tuned to the meeting site for any more information!

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