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Heroes need a break once in while
Heroes need a break once in while

So The Avengers happened, and like any clever movie producer this idea will be copied to kingdom come to get all the residual guaranteed pay slips. So to buck up the trend here’s a few ideas for what Avengers style team ups I think would work.

The Video Game Avengers: So after this line here’s comes the list of video game characters I think would make for a great team up:

Captain Commando: Told you to make note of that right ? He should be the leader of The Video Game Avengers as he has the experience of leading a concentrated team of mixed ability heroes and he looks the most authoritative and could have moral stand off with Superman or Captain America.

The Leader from Wonderful 101: Details are still sketchy on this character but the ear piece he’s wearing and the uniquely inspired costume makes him great candidate for the second in command stagiest type for this rag tag team of heroes.

Viewtiful Joe: Joe is basically a love letter to Tokatsu, the genre of heavy effects and live action superheroes. Every team needs a guy whose just a tad ridiculous, they can be the butt of the jokes and making them as well.

Megaman (Starforce): A Peter Parker of the game pad. Geo is young and his unique intelligent skill set can make him the brains of the group and his ally Omega-Xis can be offer their brains to help the team be more of a beat ’em up crew.

Expoldemon: So in case Joe can’t make with the yucks how about a guy who can make them and give you a pretty sever beat down afterwards ? Sounds about right for a guy who can blow people up and was considered a parody of the super hero genre.

Ryu from Street Fighter: Every team needs a scrappy bad ass with something to prove. So how about going for a character who’s only power consists of him and his fists and any other body part to be used to make violent physical contact. So who else but the hero from Capcom’s classic game Street Fighter?

So with that, I present to you; The Video Game Avengers!

video game avengers

I’m probably missing a few from list ? If you think I am leave a comment below!

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