The Binding of Isaac

Indie games have blasted onto the mainstream gaming scene recently, especially with the encouragement of their creation through programs such  as Steam’s Greenlight project and Kickstarter. One that has caught my love is The Binding of Isaac, a simplistic little game that offers a lot more than most.boi 3

The plot of the game is interesting. Loosely based on the biblical story of the same name, you start off playing as little Isaac, who has fled into the dangers of his basement after his mother is convinced she has been told by God to murder her son. You, as the scared little child, must navigate through different rooms and levels of the basement in order to reach the final the boss and survive. Oh, and did I mention that this final boss is Isaac’s mother? That’s right, you go through the entirety of the game in order to beat the seven bells out of your own psychopathic mother!

boiThe game, however, does not limit you to play as Isaac only. There are a variety of characters that can be unlocked through challenges, and all of these have their own strength and weaknesses. The key to survival and completion is finding that certain character that best compliments your gaming style. If you’re new to the game, then there’s a character out in The Binding of Isaac that focuses on an increased health, giving you the ability to get the hang of the game and make mistakes without instantly having to restart. There’s even a character called ???, so it’s a good game to experiment with if you like a certain degree of diversity.

The art style is similar to that of Super Meat Boy, but it boasts a completely different game play mechanic. In The Binding of Isaac, you control the small 2D character of your choice by moving up down left or right, meaning in order to fight you have to both dodge and attack at the same time. In the later stages of the game this becomes a serious challenge, especially when you’re faced with a variety of the games many irritating enemies!boi 2

I really enjoy The Binding of Isaac, it’s by far one of the hardest games I’ve ever played. It’s on the same level as FTL, and just like FTL you’ll end up emotionally bonding with the character you’ve chosen to play as. You’ll smile when you find a new item, you’ll cry when you’re reduced to just half a heart of health after a boss fight. But, after all of this, I can say that you’ll DEFINITELY enjoy the game.

Check out The Binding of Isaac on Steam here for just £3.99!

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