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The Indie FixBased out of Guildford, UK, Ambient Studios are a tiny indie developer. With employees that have worked on franchises such as, Little Big Planet and the Fable series, they’ve worked on some of the biggest titles on the modern gaming market.

Death-Inc-LogoTheir first game Death Inc, a point and drag real time strategy, in which you play as the Grim Reaper, infecting villagers with the plague before commanding them as an army, has been on Kickstarter for a few weeks now and to tease the game, they’ve released a free prototype to entice people into backing the project.


The game features a very unique art style and some pretty fun gameplay. The premise is that you literally play as Death. You’re required to infect villages of citizens and command them as your army. Along the way you’ll face some enemies that will try and stop you in your warpath. It’s a great little time waster and the prototype at the moment is incredibly addictive.

Death Inc is definitely worth your time and backing. Currently ambient studios need little over 200,000 dollars to fund their project and get this great little game into the fully fledged title it needs to be.

You can download the prototype here.

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