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The Indie FixWelcome back to the Indie Fix, a column which showcases Indie and games which have slipped under the radar. This week, we’re covering the phenomenal action-RPG, Torchlight 2!

Released back in September 2012, Torchlight 2 received critical acclaim. It’s an absolutely stellar title, and a fitting replacement to the first Torchlight and that abomination we called Diablo 3.

Like the original, the second iteration of Torchlight features randomly generated dungeons and a wide array of monsters to slay for experience and loot. As well as this, it carried the same concept of the original game. But instead of focusing the campaign around one town. It featured multiple hub towns and overlay areas for the player to explore. Creating a vast world and a much longer campaign.torchlight 2 logo

Additionally, enhanced character customisation, day/night cycle, weather effects, redesigned interfaces and a more colourful overhaul of the graphics engine were implemented. Making for a more enjoyable experience compared to the first Torchlight.

But perhaps my favourite feature of the game is its classes. Each with its own uniqueness and abilities, The Engineer is a heavy melee fighter, influenced by steampunk technology. The Outlander is a wandering survivalist, which uses ranged weapons such as cannons and pistols. The Berserker who uses quick attacks and animal themed abilities, and The Embermage which is literally what it says on the tin.

Character progression is carried out through a series of skill trees and point placement. With every level gained, you gain a certain amount of points and place them into stats such as Strength and Vitality. Pretty straight forward as it goes. You also gain points to put into your skill trees, which give new abilities as well. Each tree has it’s own play style, and every class has different trees. In addition to this the skill animations themselves are great and make adventuring in Torchlight 2 brilliant!

They’re all great classes, with different play styles and are all a hell of a lot of fun to play.

torchlight 2 screenTorchlight 2’s randomly generated dungeons allow for diversity, variety and boast a fun mix up, aside from the main quest. Hordes upon hordes of monsters will try and have their way with you, it can get a little out of control sometimes. But that’s the beauty and fun of this title.

Loot is a main focus of Torchlight 2 and you’ll get a lot of it thrown at your face. Some of it you’ll sell for a continuous stream of gold, others you’ll equip to your character to improve and further the badass-ness of your toon. Alongside this is the creative dungeon design, especially in the main quest line. Here you’ll experience a stream of creative, vibrant and sometimes repulsive settings, with a continuous stream of loot. Making for some pretty addictive and intriguing gameplay.

That’s it for this weeks Indie Fix, short but sweet. Torchlight 2 is one of my personal favourites of 2012 and for the great price of £14.99 on Steam, it’ll soon become yours too!


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