Apple iWatch Patent

Apple iWatch Patent

If the Apple patents are true the Apple iWatch could be the most expensive slap bracelet you’ve ever bought.

In the 90’s slap bracelets became all the rage, everyone had one and if you didn’t well, consider yourself a social outcast. Kids will be kids though and slap bracelets were soon banned by schools due to them being stupidly dangerous and we’ve all probably got a scar or two from the lethal concave pieces of metal.

Putting nostalgia aside a second, Apple have recently applied for a patent for wearable wrist band technology that resembles a slap bracelet. Spotted by Appleinsider the patent describes a wrist-mounted flexible screen that has the ability to recognize where each end meets to create a seamless screen that continues around the entire band.

Apple are on form as usual by taking a simple idea like a Smart Watch and making it into something considerably better than existing models. Some of the iWatches features were also included in the patent such as the usual managing music playlists, seeing a list of last dialed numbers, and checking text messages and emails. What Apple have also included though is the ability to reply to texts and emails, and use the iWatch as a form of input for controlling Nav-Apps like Maps.

Whether we’ll be seeing the iWatch any time soon we’ll have to wait and see, but would it really work? Could you imagine spending £100-200+ on something you wear on your wrist that is susceptible to knocks, is more often than not a dirt magnet, and something that you often catch on various daily object.. Well, in my case anyway..

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