Xbox 720

Xbox 720

Reports came in yesterday via EDGE of a new “leak” from someone with “first hand experience” with the console. It looks like the next generation console is expected to have an always on connection even when playing offline single player games. That may not seem like much of an issue because most of us are always online with our Xbox Live accounts before we play games anyway.

There’s a reason why it’s required though if the supposed leak is true. That’s because the next Xbox will require you to activate games via your account via a one time use activation code. This is a bad thing for pre-owned stores like Gamestop in the US and what was Gamestation in the UK (now a part of GAME). Because of these rumours Gamestop one of the US’s biggest pre-owned game stores took a hit to it’s stocks with them dropping a whopping 6% (I don’t really understand stocks, but I assume that’s pretty bad?).

Hopefully Microsoft will put something in place for pre-owned games such as people who acquire second hand games have to buy an activation code via the Xbox Live Marketplace before they can play the game or some other activation fee.

On a more positive note, the source also confirmed that the recently reported specifications are “entirely accurate”.

Whether the rumours are true or not we’ll surely find out sometime this year. But for now, what’s your opinion?

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