PlayStation Event

PlayStation EventWith the PlayStation event only a few hours away rumours and ‘leaks’ are coming through thick and fast. Here’s a little round up of the latest rumours, that make the PlayStation look a little too familiar to a competing console.

The PlayStation 4 will come bundled with an Eye Camera.

That’s right, the PlayStation 4 is set to come bundled with an Eye Camera a reliable source told Kotaku yesterday, probably because of the confirmed controller leak having the PlayStation Move-esque light on the top. Doesn’t that sound familiar with the next-gen Xbox coming with a new Kinect and all.

The PlayStation 4 will support and integrate the use of smartphones and tablets.

The same source also told Kotaku that Sony are planning to have smartphones and tablets working seamlessly with the PlayStation Network giving gamers the ability to chat with friends, and purchase games that are then downloaded to your console. SmartGlass anyone?

The PlayStation 4 may charge for online features.

It’s also been reported that ‘”most” of the console’s online features will require a paid subscription’ according to Destructoid who’s also quoting from the Kotaku source. ” Sony’s new online service will be called PlayStation World, our source says, replacing PlayStation Plus.” the Kotaku article explains. That doesn’t sound too familiar does it? Oh yeah, Xbox Live Gold.

Even though I’m not a huge PlayStation fan, I’m pretty pumped for the launch of the console, I know I won’t be getting one because I love my Xbox too much, but I’m a huge fan of technology! What are your thoughts on the PlayStation 4 getting all of those features? Leave a comment below!


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