Ratonhnhaké:ton & Wolves


Tuesday 19th February 2013 marked a very special day in the calendar of Assassin’s Creed fans. The first part, The Infamy to Ubisofts new 3 part DLC known as The Tyranny of King Washington. This DLC was originally set to be non-canon to the story line as to not upset fans of the series. This was later changed and is now in fact canon to the story line, this gives you the opportunity to see what America could of been like if the Revolution had played out a little differently…

You re-assume the role of Ratonhnhaké:ton, and are thrusted into this alternate world. Nothing makes sense, the surroundings are the same but there is something strange going on. The Tyranny of King Washington has it’s own save game slots, so you when you are at the main menu you can select: ‘Story’, ‘Multiplayer’, ‘Tyranny of King Washington’ and so on. This allows you to, much like the story mode have 3 saves at once.

Wall HugAs soon as you start The Infamy you are given a short cinematic of cryptic creation, which is standard with Ubisoft and sees a worried Ratonhnhaké:ton, a baron landscape and a fierce George Washington. Ratonhnhaké:ton awakens to find his mother, Kaniehtí:io. Who as we all know was killed in the early stages of Assassin’s Creed 3. This is the first sign that not everything is how it seems in Ratonhnhaké:ton life. Kaniehtí:io talks constantly of being the cause of the problem and that something was her fault. It later comes to light that she had tried to steal the sceptre, which hold in it the Apple and is the source of Washington’s madness.

Kaniehtí:io later explains to Ratonhnhaké:ton that when he was supposed to stand down as President he instead makes himself King. This is much to the confusion of Ratonhnhaké:ton, as he claims to know him from the Revolution. It then becomes apparent that the everything is not exactly clear to you the player and Ratonhnhaké:ton. You are no longer an Assassin, you did not help win the Revolution, you did not know Washington, everything you went through in the main story did not happen. Hence only ever being called Ratonhnhaké:ton and not having hidden blades. When Ratonhnhaké:ton & WolvesRatonhnhaké:ton is given a pair by his mother, he says he know what they are and what to do with them. This is much to the surprise and  shock of Kaniehtí:io. Ratonhnhaké:ton must then be put through his paces to learn the skills he had once know, and even some new ones.

The whole Tyranny of King Washington is off to a flying start in my opinion and is another well put together piece of gaming art by Ubisoft. They have managed to create an alternate world, where the confusion of the main protagonist is felt by you the player. The Infamy is available now on Xbox live and PC for 800 MS or £7.99 respectively and will be going live on the PlayStation Network sometime today (20th).

If you, like me have played The Infamy tell me what you think, is it delightful DLC or disastrous DLC? As always leave a comment below telling me all your thoughts!

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