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The Way We WriteComic books can be hard to get to grips with if you’re new to it. Hell there’s the masses of issues you may have missed, crossovers and then the what-the-F is happening here Google-age. (For help with that click here)

I love comics but know that feeling all too well, Indie comics offer a nice, easy, niche way into comic books, offering up something a little different and, more often than not, pretty quirky.

So this is where Rachael Smith and The Way We Write comes in.


Basically the story follows Her Name Is Calla, (a cracking band you can find by clicking …………………………^^^ here ^^^) and their dealings with some pesky ghosts.

The band goes away to try and get inspiration for a new album, only to be warned by a couple of cute girls at the pub not to stay in the house. Banter ensues, and the band head off to the house anyway.

After a few hours of fail practising, and some awesome writing from Rachael, a creepy choirboy ghost steals lead singer Tom’s voice. We find out the ghosts are massive fans of the band and want to steal their talent to play their music forever. Mwahahahaha.

The band discover why the ghosts have been doing this forever and are the real reason Five don’t make music anymore!! Shock, horror!! After an epic fight scene and awesome speech Her Name return to the pub for a few end jokes.


The comic is definitely worth a look at, the artwork is a fantastic cartoon style that really lends itself to the impressive range of facial expressions in the drawings. It’s an awesome effect when at one point the lights are off and the comic changes from colour to black and white and then back again.

The start of the awesome fight scene!
The start of the awesome fight scene!

It’s the kind of comic that pokes fun at itself, making puns about Rachael’s song-writing and fight drawing that made me chuckle to myself. Not that I do that…

It doesn’t try to take itself to seriously; it’s a comic and acts as such – a bit of easy reading, with some awesome illustration and a good use of wit and humour. Did I mention it’s funny? Well, it is.

If I’m honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect when it came to this review but I was impressed and really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be having a look at more of Rachael Smith’s work – which you can too, just follow the link to find it.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely take a look. If you have let us know what you think. You can buy The Way We Write here.

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