wiiminiYou may have read sometime last year about the Wii Mini; a rather stripped down, internet free, red and black version of the Wii. It may have sounded appealing to some of you, but you’d have been disappointed that it was only a Canada exclusive. That is until 22nd March when the Wii Mini is heading to the UK.

The Wii Mini doesn’t have WiFi and it’s not backwards compatible with Gamecube games, and 480p component video functionality has been removed it essentially is a rather cheap local play version of the Wii ideal for small families and younger childeren.

The release of the Wii Mini is also joined by a few added titles to the Nintendo Selects range. Similar to the Xbox Classics range of games, the Nintendo Selects range is a select few of Nintendo’s favourite games at a much discounted price compared to big sellers and new released. Added to that list is Super Paper Mario, Mario Power Tennis, Wii Sports Resort, and Mario Party 8.

There’s no price just yet, but the Canadian version was going for $99CAD which is around the £60 mark. So we’ll probably be seeing a £65-80 price bracket.

[Update] Retailers are now starting to set prices for the Wii Mini and it’s currently available to pre-order from Amazon at a price of £79.99.

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