black ops 2 fake map packs

Recently in the Black Ops 2 subreddit there have been a few ‘leaked’ images (above) of the next Black Ops 2 DLC but faster than The Flash the Reddit community soon put two and two together and sussed that both images were fakes.

The first pack titled ‘Orientation’ included four multiplayer maps and one zombies map, and just like the Revolution DLC a weapon that can be used online. The five maps had rather basic names though which was immediately pointed out by Reddit user LonghornPride05:

“Water” “Plane” “Dead High” come on man…

Another Reddit user rokkuranx then went into more detail proving even more that it’s a fake – you can read that here.

The second map pack titled ‘Induction’ went along with the same theme, but this time including five multiplayer maps and no zombies map. It soon became apparent that this one was definitely a fake due to the image used for the “Farlife” teaser was actually a promo image from Ghost Recon.

It’s clear that it’s too soon for another ‘leak’ considering the PC or PS3 haven’t even got the first DLC yet but it’s always interesting to see people getting fooled.

Though, I’m unsure whether this one is fake or not.. COULD IT BE??


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That map-pack is an Abomination!


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