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This weeks #ThrowbackThursday is more of a light step back, but in my defense 2006 seems a lifetime ago. Call of Duty 3, came after 2 and before Modern Warfare. Wow. This was one of the first games I got with my new Xbox 360 all the way back in 2007, and I remember playing like it was yesterday. The game was released 7th November 2006 for PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox & Xbox 360 and it was probably heavily advertised for all of the consoles too. Something that doesn’t happen much any more for the old PS2 and Xbox, sorry guys.It was developed by Treyarch and Exact for the Wii, puplished by our well known friends at Activision and was a huge hit as with most of the games.

Call of Duty 3 FPS

Call of Duty 3 was the first major online title I had ever owned and is the game that clearly got me into the series that we all know and mostly love today! The game featured a single player campaign as well as an online mode which on the Xbox 360 had player and ranked matches, the first console to have this. The single player campaign differed greatly from the sort of campaigns we see nowadays in Call of Duty, this game focused on one event and you changed between allied countries. The campaign was set after the Normandy Breakout where the Allied Forces of British, American, Canadian, Polish and French Resistance would push back at the Axis through french villages. As the player you would interchange between each of the resistances as you fought the Axis forces. Altogether the game had 14 campaign missions, in the British parts you would play as Sgt. James Doyle, in the American parts you would play as Private Nichols, within the Canadian parts you would assume control of Private Cole, As the Polish tank division you play as Cpl. “Bohater” Woychek and lastly as the French Resistance missions are integrated with the British.

The multiplayer mode within Call of Duty 3 was great from what I remember, at the beginning you would choose to play as the Allies, which would consist of a mixture of French, Polish, Canadian, American & British forces depending on class and respawn. Alternatively you would play as the Axis who had better, more powerful weapons but were harder to use, this normally meant one of two things, players who were not so good would end up on the Axis team unable to kill the Allies or the Axis would be made of veteran players who showed no mercy against the weaker and normally less skilled Call of Duty 3 players of the Allies. There was no Create a Class you would have to choose from; rifle, scout, light and heavy assault, medic, support and anti-armor. There was a few game modes to choose from too, you had; Battle – which was just a free for all, Team Battle – which is now better know as Team Deathmatch,  War – which is where teams would fight to control territories within the map, Capture the Flag – Which still features on CoD games as well as Headquarters. There was a fairly good selections of maps within the game, varying in size and layout. My particular favourite was ‘Eder Dam’ a large map which featured a crumpling dam aswell as a half destroyed bridge that ran across the center of the map. Often you would see people jumping bikes from one end to another, or jumping between the showing service shaft. The last great point I would like to make about Call of Duty 3 was the inclusion of vehicles, from bikes with sidecars to jeeps that could hold you and two others if i remember correctly. I would like to see vehicle like that back in the franchise and not just as a perk for doing well.

Call of Duty has now been in my pile of games for 7 years and has gotten better and better each time, but in all honesty I would love Activision to do a Throwback themselves and maybe revisit this time period for the series. The games have gone from strength to strength and going back over to do this era again in a different way could be done rather well.

Do you remember Call of Duty 3? If so what were your thoughts and would you like to see something like this make an appearance in the franchise again? Let me know in the comments below!

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