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It’s that time of the week, its another #ThrowbackThursday. This time it’s everyone’s Fedora wearing, whip wielding adventurer – Indiana Jones. In the 2003 title Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb you played as the the prolific archaeologist, Henry Jones Jr. (but don’t call him Junior). He is approached by a Chines government official with a task to recover the ‘Heart of the Dragon’ …

Indiana Jones and the emperors tombThe game is set in 1935 and sees Indy go to places like Prauge, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Facing many different enemies in each of these places, whilst playing through the game you will collect fine artifacts which are stored in a separate area in the main menu, which is just another little something to strive for in the game, think of them as achievements, before achievements. Playing as Indiana Jones you have all the standard equipment that Indy would of had. The whip and revolver came as standard but other weapons could be picked up and used. Items such as Machete’s, and table legs could all be used and picked up as well as weapons like the MP-40 and Spears making an appearance.

The Indiana Jones films are my favourite films ever and this game for a long time was my favourite too. To me there was nothing better than being able to play as my favourite movie character ever. The game features 10 action packed levels with Indiana going toe to toe against some of the most fiendish of ‘baddies’ in his career. This game took me ages to finish and the main reason for that was I think that everytime I had my Indiana Jonesfamous fedora knocked off I couldn’t continue without it. There’s no Indy without the hat. Once finally completing this game I felt a hole had been filled in my life, but needed the next installment asap. It took till 2006 for any news of another game to come, and it was going to be a next-gen game. The game had pictures and videos of Indy fist fighting goons with ragdoll effects and at the time was the best thing I had ever seen. It was boasted that enemies wouldn’t fall the same way twice. oooo. Sadly though, this game never happened and with this a little part of me died. But I seek comfort in knowing that Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb was there for me.

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