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I know a lot of people have a negative attitude towards Capcom and the Resident Evil series because to you (the consumer) seem to think that they are butchering the franchise and it’s lost sight of what Resident evil was supposed to be. Lets take a journey back in time to see how the franchise began with the first game. I have the remastered Gamecube version which is a really good, scary game.


The original Resident Evil game on the PlayStation was released in 1996 and the version that I’m talking about in this article was released in 2002 on the Gamecube. This new lick of paint really made this game scarier than the PlayStation version because of the revamped textures of all the monsters and zombies. The environments had a more of a tense atmosphere with remastered music from the original game. This game shows what Resident Evil is all about and that it’s a survival horror game, not a zombie action game which it has evolved into. Yes the game had zombies but it wasn’t about killing zombies they were just an obstacle of having to escape and survive.

If you don’t know what the story is (where have you been for the last two decades) here is the basic outline. You are part of Raccoon city police department and a member of the S.T.A.R.S team. You are sent to investigate the disappearance of Bravo team after they were sent to investigate a mansion and disappeared. As soon as the game begins all hell breaks lose and you must take refuge in the mansion which holds all sorts of secrets.

The presentation of this game considering that it came out in 2002 is still good looking today and I hope that Capcom do a HD remaster of it (Unlikely). They improved the voice acting a lot more compared to the 1996 version which was almost unbearable to sit and watch a cutscene, don’t get me wrong this version still doesn’t have the best voice acting, but you can sit through the scenes without the cheesy dialogue from the original.


The basic gameplay with the fix camera is a lot better than the third person view you have in resident evil 6 because this camera mode is what made the experience scarier because you didn’t know what was around the next corner. The great thing about this game is that you could only save if you have ink ribbons on you. This makes you use your saves wisely because you could be getting the hang of the game and got really far, but your last save may have been an hour ago and you are no where near a save room. This is what I liked about games back then, that they challenged you, now you can save as many times at you want and breeze through a game, even the first person shooters back then were challenging.

This is one of my favourite games on the Gamecube, when Resident Evil was scary and made you use your mind more than your gun. I just hope that they can revert back to what Resident Evil was about and stop this action focused approach to the series. If you haven’t played this version please play it you can get this version on the Wii now titled Archives and you can play it in 480p. If you agree that the series should go back to it’s roots or you think that new direction is a good thing leave your comments below!

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Bill Grayson
Bill Grayson

Good stuff mate, looking forward to more of your articles. Very thought provoking and the analysis is very deep bro. Makes you think about how good the franchise could be today if they stuck to their roots.