Tomb Raider

Tomb RaiderWith the release of Tomb Raider literally around the corner (March 5th) It’s time we got super pumped.

This particular Tomb Raider game is how it all started. We finally get to discover how Lara Croft became such a bad ass in a unique and personal way. Lara never trained to be a tomb raider and gamers who play this game will soon discover that.

It’s been said that in Tomb Raider gamers won’t experience the Lara they’re all used to, what they’ll get is a vulnerable, frightened young woman, who eventually comes out literally kicking and screaming. Though the Lara you play wont be the same, there’s always a hint of the classic Lara that we’re all used to.

To give the Tomb Raider game a more long lasting game play experience, gamers can also expect a brand new multiplayer mode that pits Lara’s team against some ruthless scavengers in various multiplayer modes – more on that here.

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