Tomb Raider

She's back, minus shorts

A new creative team is set to produce a comic based on the popular Tomb Raider game franchise to tie in with upcoming video game release. The product will act as a prequel to game as it recounts the tale of the how the crew of The Endurance came together. The venture itself is a joint between Darkhorse comics and Crystal studios.

Tomb Raider: The Beginning will be a six issue series and will be released as an omnibus edition and will be available after March 15th with a digital comic free with some game purchases. The book plans to chronicle how the crew came together after celebrity archaeologist James Whitman enlists the aid of Captain Conrad Roth who begins to put together a crew. The story will entail all the back stories of the crew and how potentially the voyage could be dangered by this and then continue to chronicle the adventures of Lara after the events of the game – it has not been revealed however, if the comics will be classed as cannon alongside the games.

This will mark the return of Lara Croft to comics after her 1999 Top Cow series. Her first appearance was a crossover with female superhero Wicthblade after the two cross paths when Wicthblades alter ego detective Sara Pezzini has to arrest Lara Croft as she’s found with a series of dead bodies.

The last published appearance of Croft ceased in 2006 ending with a cover gallery issue. Her last story saw her take part in a crossover story with Witchblade, Vampirella and The MagdalenaLara Croft also starred in almost 15 solo series’ and team up with the superheroes of the Image publication company, this lead to almost 140 issues she appeared in prior to the reboot.

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