Very Little Monsters

Very Little MonstersWe wrote about CODE Software a few weeks back and we’ve been chatting with the guys and have got exclusive first hand access to their first game for Android devices – Very Little Monsters.

So what is Very Little Monsters? It’s essentially a puzzle game where the blue monsters must retrieve their diamonds from the red monsters. To do so players must cover as much of the board as possible by placing one monster either on an adjacent block, or hopping the monster one extra space. By placing the monster on the adjacent block in its place another monster regenerates, by hopping a extra space however you forfeit the chance to regenerate another monster where the prior left off. The game’s are really unpredictable too, you may see that you’re winning one minute and a few moves later you’re not. It can all go wrong in a few seconds!

Very Little Monsters

The game concept is the same throughout but each level has a different play board. The game is impressive in the way it executes, with minimal dialogue and simple game play the game is a real gem. The only thing that begins to get a little annoying is the monsters idle noises, some sneeze, some fart, some whistle, it’s a little humorous at first, the more monsters in play, the more the noises occur and begin to get really annoying. Thankfully you have the option to mute the sound.

There’s also a local two player option that’s really fun to play with a friend. This personally is my favorite feature.

Overall for a launching title from CODE Software it’s quite impressive, there are a few areas that need a little work, but it’s a really fun game! Very Little Monsters is available on Android on the 28th of Feb so mark your calendars!

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