Microsoft Surprised

Microsoft SurprisedIt looks like Sony took Microsoft by surprised with the launch of the PlayStation 4 at the PlayStation event on Thursday this week. The reveal of the PlayStation 4 was something we all expected, but apparently according to a Sony official the event on Thursday “at first caught Microsoft off-guard”.

I’m unsure if this is just showboating from the unnamed Sony official or whether what they said is true, but according to CVG (via NeoGAF), Microsoft partner Ustechs have gone and registered the domain name

Microsoft have also planned to reveal their console earlier than planned and instead of revealing the next gen console at E3 this year, they should be holding a one-off media event. Hopefully they actually produce an actual console at their event unlike Sony’s rather lacklustre event with an hour and a half of game trailers.

While we’re on the subject of Sony it’s also been reported that Sony boss Hiroshi Kawano hasn’t even seen the final design of the PlayStation 4.. Does anyone else think that Sony were more keen on getting the idea of the PlayStation 4 out and showing off it’s capabilities rather than showing an actual product.

Back to the subject in hand, be sure to keep an eye out on n3rdabl3 for when we get word of the Xbox Event date! As soon as we know we’ll let you know.

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