Like Venom a new colour could over-ride Spidey

So it’s a new week and with the picture above you’re probably wondering ‘What’s with the blue ?’ Well maybe it’s about a power and a force that you haven’t seen before.

As you remember last week I revealed some of the crazy turns Spider-man took over the past few years and how recently he’s been body swapped with nemesis Doctor Octopus and passed away in Oc’s dying body (though he’s still kicking around as a ghost). I personally think it’s a good idea, maybe it didn’t have to be permanent but the idea of a villain on the road to redemption is great.

The real argument from the opposition is the idea of the Spider-man name being tarnished by such a terrible turn. So I offer this alternative; Billy the Blue Ranger should have been the Superior Spider-man.

Billy was the original Blue ranger in Mighty Morpin’ Power Rangers and was the loveable nerd of the team and we all like crossovers. The Avengers movies have proved audiences like cross continuity and also previous crossovers like Star Trek meeting the X-men – No one could tell the difference as both of them like to make quips and can speak ‘nerd’ and have a love of science.

So back to my point, Billy the Blue Ranger as Spider-man; Both have martial arts experience so the swap is even harder to tell. Peter was taught how to develop his own martial art style called ‘Spider-fu’ with the help of Marvel martial arts master Shang-Chi and of course Billy learnt martial arts during the course of the Power Rangers.

Since the actor who played Billy was a gymnast in his real life and Spider-man is know for acrobatics and it would make it even harder to tell.

So OK by now you can tell I maybe be making a bit of a joke. I just think the fan reaction to this is wrong. Yes the story shouldn’t have claimed to off Peter but the idea is interesting, fiction is littered with tales of redemption and this is obviously a rung on the ladder of some big Spider-man story. So my advice is to hold on to your web line and enjoy the swing.

Side note: Did you know that during the 70’s Marvel gave the right to Spider-man to Toei a Japanese production company which created a live action TV show in which Spider-man was actually a biker fighting an evil alien empire and a had a giant robot.

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