Spiderman Covers

Spiderman CoversSo Spider-man. There’s a character whose been through a lot of twists and turns, many you probably didn’t know about too. To list a couple:

Six armed Spider-man: Briefly Peter grew six arms, similar to the story in the 90’s Spider-man cartoon though Peter luckily avoided the gross Spidery deformity.

Cyborg Spider-man: Whilst tangling with some foes Peter took an awful lot beating leading to a secret government department to drape him in some hi-tech robotic casts resulting in Spider-man looking like he’d borrowed some parts of a Terminator cosplay costume.

It wasn’t science that gave him powers it was destiny: During the early 2000’s when the comics industry hit a slump Marvel went all broke and gave writers command of books they wouldn’t associate with. Spider-man received the treatment of J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5. The core story explained the idea that Peter was in a long line of spiders and the bite may have not given him his powers and it may not science but mysticism. It didn’t really get resolved but it sure did draw readers back.

Gives you a taste for what Pete has to go through right? Well if you thought this was all strange and all over the top why don’t you read on about Pete’s latest speed bump in his life.

Mind swap: 8 armed nemesis Doctor Octopus has been dying for the last few years and decides to mind swap with Peter, but before Peter can swap the two back Oc’s body finally fails and dies, along with Peter. So with the bad old Doc in Peters body, with all his memories he realises he’s wasted his life and he should honour Peter by improving his life of Spider-man and Peter at the same time.

Okay, this isn’t a permanent fixture just like the Spider-mobile wasn’t, but like all things listed above it’s a marketing stunt and figures have proved that it’s worked. Peters still around as a ghost and around the time of the next Spider-man film he should be swinging his way back into our lives.

Next week I’ll sell the idea of who should have been the ‘Superior Spider-man’

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