Why on earth would anyone want Windows apps on their Android device? Well, me for one.. Check out some of our top apps for Windows Phone 8 if you’re not sure why. “Emulating” one device on another has really only been exclusive to Mac, Linux, and Windows, but now the popular unofficial emulating software WINE has been seen running on an Android device.

The original developer of WINE for Linux Alexandre Julliard demoed an early version of Wine for Android in probably the most complicated way; On a Mac, emulating Android, running WINE. Because of this the version being showed was unbelievably slow.

The buzz behind Wine for Android is that it’ll help ARM devices emulate apps that are designed to run on x86 platforms. As well as Windows apps running on x86 Android devices as soon as Intels x86 Atom CPUs have been adopted by Android tablet manufacturers..

Image Source: MobileMag

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