zendeskZendesk is a customer service software provider that Tumblr, Twitter, and Pintrest use whenever someone has a problem with their sites. It’s been reported that the Zendesk platform has been breached and has caused “potentially exposed records of subject lines and, in some cases, email addresses”.

Tumblr and Twitter have made users aware of the hack reassuring that passwords aren’t among the data that has been affected but our email addresses and the accounts that they link to may have been exposed. This is apparently only affecting those of you who have had contact with any of the three sites customer services, so if you haven’t don’t worry.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the “hack” I don’t see how someone who knows my email address and the Tumblr or Twitter account it’s attached too is going to cause any issues, perhaps if you have a more high profile account it’ll make it that tiny bit easier for the hacker to get into your account, but if you have a strong password, I wouldn’t worry.

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