Bored? Looking for Something to Watch? Try Nicolas Cage Roulette!

Bored? Looking for Something to Watch? Try Nicolas Cage Roulette!With streaming services like Netflix offering a huge library of movies and tv-shows you can often be overwhelmed with choice. Why not take that choice out of your hands and head on over to and let it choose for you!

Nicolas Cage has starred in 72 movies according to his IMDb page. And movies tend to last around 90 minutes or more, so that’s almost 108 hours (4.5 days) you could spend watching Nicolas Cage do what he does (or doesnt do) best – being Nicolas Cage. But with 72 movies to choose from it’s almost impossible to decide what to watch first! National Treasure? Face-Off? Lord of War? It’s just too hard to decide!

With thanks to you can spend more time watching movies than deciding what movie to watch! You can choose from either All of Nicolas Cage’s movies or Nicolas Cage Action Movies! Unfortunately for us in the UK, it only works on the movies available, but lucky North Americans can enjoy the choice of all of the Nick Cage movies Netflix has to offer.

Click on either option and the webpage will open Netflix on the movie that it chooses, it couldn’t be more simpler!